Our Brown Rapid Tanning mousse is a beauty essential for glowing skin. Like Milk Chocolate in a bottle for the perfect tan. 4 levels of color in 1 bottle and gentle for use on the face! Based off the professional spray tan solution we use at Tanning with Jenny. This luxury mousse is truly universal for all skin tones. 


  • Quick Drying
  • Streak-free 
  • Nut Free
  • Rinse off in just 1 to 4 hours for color that will last 5-9 days.


Infused with pure Cucumber extract to soothe the skin, Green & White Tea extract and a Perfect Glow vitamin Complex.



This is a green based formula which is perfect for skin tones that have very pink or red undertones as it will help eliminate that but universal for everyone!


PETA approved vegan & cruelty free.

Formulated without

· Parabens

· Gluten

. Nuts

· Alcohol

· Phthalates


Recommended for use with a tanning mitt (sold separately)

Brown Rapid Mousse

  • Directions:

    Exfoliate the skin a day before to prepare for the tan. Do not use any lotions, oils or perfumes on the day you are applying the self tanning mousse as they can create a barrier causing the tan to develop poorly. Apply mousse in circular motion on clean skin.


    Skin tones that can tan in the sun can apply 2 light coats.

    Very fair skin that always burns and never tans- start off with 1 coat to avoid risking an unnatural color.


    (If after your shower you want to be darker then it is OK to apply another application . When in doubt always start of with a lighter application. If unsure a patch test is always recommended. *Contains nut extracts )




    This is my recommended time frame to leave on before rinsing:

    1 hour- light 
    2 hours- medium 
    3 hours- medium/dark)
    4 hours- dark

    This self tanner is not recommended to be left on for over 4 hours.

    If you are very fair client that can not achieve a tan in the sun or are not sure how long to leave it on it is recommended that you start at 1 hour and gradually increase it next time.

    You can not get wet or sweat until your rinse as that can adversely affect the tan development. The rinse should be with water only no soap. Refrain from using any oils, perfume or lotion on your skin until the next day as the tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours.

    **Please note** When you rinse off you might not have much initial color. It might even look like you washed the tan away. That is normal as the color will still take 8-10 hours to develop.



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